Fursuit Pursuits

Today’s the last day to bid on the Hot Dogs! 

Hot Dogs! We made a series of body suits for people with partials or builders who want a solid, curvaceous foundation for future critters. They are canine-esque, but could be creatively repurposed for other members of the animal kingdom. Almost all the fur is common and easy-to-match, and we will include excess of those which are not so you can make paws/head/tail. They are sturdy, sexy, and fit a wide range of peopleshapes.

Most importantly, they’re available for auction now! Take a look!

Last day to bid on these beautiful bears!

Dancing bears!

Mercy! Lookit these big beautiful bear women! They’re our latest costumes, and our last full suits before we spend the summer roadtripping. They’re up for adoption:

Grizzly Bear here
Polar Bear here

Our rottweiler collaboration with WeaselR is now up for auction at Furbuy with a starting bid of just $1! ARF!

Bow bow wow yippee yo yippee yay

This dancing dog will be up for auction later today starting at $1

Our buddy WeaselR came to visit and we made the bulk of this Rott over a long weekend. We’ve since put the finishing touches on him and he’ll be up for auction in a day or two STARTING AT $1!!! Get ready for fuzz.